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   Currently on the loom uploaded: 09/21/03
Soy yarn with silk pattern, very fine threads.....this is really soft and lovely when wet finished..... Copyright Su Butler, 2002 (Click on photo to enlarge)

   Some of the woven scarf uploaded: 01/19/03
Here is a taste of the scarf woven on the hand dyed warp that was last on the loom. With 16 yards of warp I wove a variety of scarves in various colors, materials and patterns. Copyright Su Butler, 2003 (Click on image to enlarge)

   Hand dyed warp uploaded: 01/19/03
Here is a hand dyed warp I am using to weave rayon chenille scarves....very rich colors, very fun to work with! Copyright Su Butler, 2003 (Click on image to enlarge)

   Collapse weave detail uploaded: 10/16/02
Detail of collapse weave piece (Click on photo to enlarge) Copyright Su Butler 2001

   Collapse weave uploaded: 10/16/02
This collapse was done by using a very fine wool warp in conjunction with Rayon chenille, coupled with a very strong silk buttonhole warp in stripes. The weft was woven in the same wool very loosely packed and the silk woven in twill, very tightly packed. With Wet finishing, the wool felted, the chenille went along for the ride, and the silk remained in "poofs" on the surface. The finished piece is very soft and supple. (Click on Photo to enlarge) Copyright Su Butler 2001

   Flower Garden uploaded: 05/03/02
Designed and woven for a sample exchange for the Complex Weavers Tied Weaves Study group, which I coordiante, in May 2002. Spring was slow in coming this year despite 90 degree temps in April, so I wove my own flower garden. Created to be cut into samples, there are small areas of plain weave between motifs which would not appear if woven as one continuous fabric.

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