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   Art Nouveau Fish uploaded: 06/26/20
Adapted from a drawing by Anne Shoemaker this was an experimental piece to test sett for weaving Brocatelle on the drawloom. Su Butler, copyright 2019. Click on photo to enlarge.

   The Drummer uploaded: 06/26/20
Rendition of son who is a drummer, playing at a festival. This is an earlier piece and I think it could have more detail so may weave it again with my newly acquired knowledge of my loom. 15" wide by 68" long. 2016 Copyright Su Butler. Click on photo to enlarge.

   Rainy Day uploaded: 06/26/20
Woven in satin damask on my drawloom. Original design from photo. Depiction of the feeling of a rainy day beside a lake. This piece was included in the Complexity 2018 exhibit. Copyright Su Butler, 2018

   Counterpoint Leaves uploaded: 06/26/20
Woven on my Oxaback drawloom this piece is intended to look at falling leaves from two different perspectives - one a graphic perspective and the other a "feeling" of leaves falling through the air. Original design, copyright Su Butler 2018

   BIRCH uploaded: 06/26/20
Capturing the essences of a birch tree was the goal. The feel of the peeling bark, the beauty of the differently shaded areas. Woven in Damask on my Oxaback combination drawloom. Original design. Copyright Su Butler 2018.

   Leafy Clutch Bags uploaded: 06/26/20
My own design woven of cotton and silk on my Oxaback drawloom and sewn into a convenient and pretty clutch bag. Lined with hand dyed fabrics in cotton and silk. 2017 Copyright Su Butler Click on photo to enlarge.

   Meet Al Paca uploaded: 06/26/20
A friend gave me 38 pounds of raw alpaca fiber. I sent it off to someone else to have it spun and in return for his generosity I wove this piece for Ziggy Banach. Cotton warp with handspun alpaca weft. Original design, copyright Su Butler 2019

   Birchstand uploaded: 06/25/20
Playing with different ways to achieve shading with a single color warp and different color weft I created this image of a stand of Birch trees that one would see in northern Michigan. 2017 30" wide by 50" long. Copyright Su Butler Click on image to enlarge

   Drop Of Water uploaded: 06/25/20
Damask rendition of a drop of water falling into a pool and the subsequent rippling effect. 30" wide by 48" long, woven with Single Unit Drawloom. 2017 Copyright Su Butler Click on photo to enlarge

   Leaf uploaded: 06/25/20
Wanting to see if I could weave a macro view of a leaf, I created this piece and wove it in damask with Single Units. All cotton. 2016 Copyright Su Butler. Click on photo to enlarge.

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