Ecor Systems, LLC
WELCOME to SUBUDESIGNS November 28, 2001

Welcome to my website! While still under construction, there are things available to view and download. The newest version of David Raups Shwoosh Rag Rug design program is now available for download. It is called Diamond. It is so much simpler to use than the previous version, however it is for PC users working in the Windows platform only. Check it out! Take a peek at Gallery. You will find a few examples of Tied Weaves, as well as Rugs and Transparencies. More to come soon. Check the Education section to find some answers to using Rayon Chenille. Other areas to be uploaded soon. If you have any questions, including weaving questions you would like answered, please write to me at [email protected]. Thanks for visiting! Coming soon - News, FAQ's, a section entirely devoted to Rayon Chenille and a Q&A forum. Check back often and thanks for visiting. (All photos and text copyright 1999 Su Butler) David Raup's SHWOOSH rug design program is Freeware and is to be distributed as such.